Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Saw the Meikon on eBay but decided just to get a Dicapac for my more limited uses

I just got the Dicapac WP-570. The RX100 fits OK but there is a major design flaw in this bag. The end of the bag where you insert the camera is on the right hand side. When you close the bag and roll up this end, it makes a big bulky thing which blocks your fingers from reaching the shutter and zoom controls. I have tried inverting the camera to place the controls at the opposite end of the bag but there is a seam along the bottom of the bag (now the top) which makes it hard to actuate the controls. I even tried inserting the camera sideways but it will not fit through the opening in this orientation and cannot be rotated once it is inside the bag.

As an engineer, I am amazed that this was not obvious to the designers as it should be the same for all cameras having the shutter button and zoom on the right hand side.

I bought this to use in my kayak on whitewater trips. I will reserve final judgment until I have tried it on the water but for now, it looks like a waste of money.

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