Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

Thank you guys for replies.

I have one trip in the month to come, but I assume I can work with my old buddy (G10). I can't carry DSLR around - not practical for me.

I am from UK and NEX6 is around £700 with standard kit. I would like to keep it sub £900 (that's what I assume NEX7N might be).

I've tried NEX5 in store and I like it. It feels great and just about right size for me. The reason I prefer NEX6 is viewfinder which is pretty much a big deal for me (even on G10 I use 'viewfinder' very often).

Only reason I didn't get NEX6 already is that NEX7N is coming soon and if I can get a significant improvement with additional £150-200 it makes sense to wait.

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