Term project - Shooting the sky with the Sony NEX7

Started Mar 23, 2013 | Discussions thread
uhligfd Senior Member • Posts: 2,713
Re: Term project - Shooting the sky with the Sony NEX7

If cloud pics are not your thing and you are a student, then maybe the teacher is up to something: to widen your horizon and learn he gave you this task.

Where your posted pics all fail is that the earthly, under the sky objects, the houses, trees etc are so bland and taken in such weak, head on, uninspiring  compositions that nobody will notice that your purpose was to shoot sky pics. So, get down on the ground maybe and shoot up a wall, up a rain pipe, up a street corner, a tree ....

You need to learn to widen your horizon of what is a photo, what makes one etc. So go swim with your fears (your "not my kind of pic ...") and produce images worth seeing. Good luck then.

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