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Re: Saw the Meikon on eBay but decided just to get a Dicapac for my more limited uses

josefwells wrote:

Lsimon wrote:

I also bought a Dicapac for the RX-100. I plan on using this while carrying the camera at the beach, including

So which Dicapac did you get? I have tried several similar underwater bags but none have fit very well..

An amazon review stats the RX100 doesn't fit well in the recommended WP-570:


In a comment there I point to the bag I got that it fits in poorly.. but works.

I'm considering one of these Meikon cases, but only because I haven't found a bag that fits well.

I got the WP-570 and the camera fits fine.  Of course this is in the context that the Dicapac is just a thick plastic bag with a sleeve the lens can extend into with a filter like optical material at the end and a nice quality closure mechanism.  The control ring at the base of the lens does not fit into the lens sleeve and if things are not aligned right when you turn the camera on the lens won't extend properly and the camera will turn off - this happened about 5% of the time but just required me to shift things around and turn the camera on again.  The Dicapac is not a true underwater case by any means and as cdp8 said above you can't control much on the camera while it is in the Dicapac - although I was able to turn the mode selector a little and use the push buttons on the rear with a little difficult figiting.  I was able to switch the camera to panorama mode and back to automatic with only minor difficulty - but as a side note the panoramas of the water did not come out very nice as the camera couldn't "stich" the photos of the moving/shimmering water surface together so the water surface portion of the photo shows a multitude of vertical prism like lines.

But the Dicapac worked fine for the purpose I bought it for which was to be able to carry the camera with us at the beach while swimming and/or in areas where the camera would be subject to ocean spray or other wet conditions.  I didn't use if for snorkeling as I often will dive down 10 to 25 feet while snorkeling and didn't have enough confidence in a $45 plastic bag to protect my $600 camera at those depths.  Although there were a couple times I wished I had used my Sony in the Dicapac instead of my Canon P&S in the dive case I have for it as the Canon 300HS has terrible shutter lag making it difficult to catch the moving sea life I was trying to photograph.

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