Springtime In Shropshire.

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Re: Springtime In Shropshire.

I just went through a similar decision.  I already have a SX 40 and have taken some really good pictures. (in my opinion) I thought about "moving up" to an SLR camera.  My first shock was the sticker price.  The are expensive!  Then you have to buy additional lenses.  Telephoto is really a problem.  They are huge, heavy and expensive.  The "deal breaker" for me is when I went to the various sites on line and compared IQ with my camera.  Only in rare view cases did I find that these expensive SLR cameras took better photos.  That made an easy decision for me to keep the SX 40 and forget about the SLR.  Everything is in one small package, long zoom, light weight, lower price, flexibility (from macro to zoom) and I am out of the "lust factor race" of wanting bigger and better new lenses.

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