convert to DNG ?

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Re: I convert to DNG

jtan163 wrote:

Alexandrite wrote:

Yes, I don't understand why there are so many different RAW formats at all... every camera manufacturer thinks theirs is better?

Because the hardware (sensor and image processing pipeline) from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from camera to camera from the same manufacturer is different.

And the data is RAW i.e. unprocessed.

The sensor data is processed anyway to generate a RAW file - the file contains bytewise data representing longs, shorts and other data that comes from the A2D as well as the control signals sent from the camera to the sensor. As such, a RAW in the form of a DNG contains exactly the same data as a proprietary RAW (RW2/NEF/PEF etc) and the transform is non-degenerate. The difference is only in marshaling & anyone who asserts otherwise is blowing smoke up you.

A good example of this is shown in the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000 have the same sensor yet the D7000 only produces NEF yet the K5 uses DNG (and PEF if you are a masochist).


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