Dell2713HM keeps reverting to standard preset

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Re: Dell2713HM keeps reverting to standard preset

NikonMike wrote:

I just got my new Dell U2413 set up. Using the display manager (not the touchbuttons) in manual mode I selected sRGB color space. So far, it hasn't reverted back to standard preset, including after I shut the PC down and restarted it. A question I have is this, which I know is silly, do you need to do anything with the monitor profile that was already in the system from where I calibrated my last monitor? Does it need to be deleted or does the new monitor driver and settings override the previous profile? I just want to make sure the colors I'm seeing are right and not affected by the profile that was already on my system.


I think I know the answer to your question and interestingly it also solved my problem I think.

When I first got my U2713 I tried to calibrate it with a very old colorimeter I had. I decided that the built in sRGB preset was better than the results that I was getting so I just used the preset. Then, as you know, my monitor get switching back to the standard preset. Your question got me thinking and so I went back to look at my ini files and sure enough there was one that I had created. I deleted that file so only the Dell default file was there and now my monitor seems to be staying on the sRGB preset that I put it at. It's only been a day so we'll see.

I also have a two monitor setup and as I looked at the ini files I realized that they are kept separate for each monitor. So, coming back to your question, I think you will find that your old profile settings should have no affect on your new monitor. I stand to be corrected, but I think that is the case. Hopefully, someone with better knowledge than myself will be able to answer you more definitively.

By the way Newsys, I followed your advice and have hone to herdforum and the Dell support forums for advice nut so far nothing from them either. Hopefully, however, what I say above has solved my problem. If not, I'll post again; otherwise, if you don't hear from me then it is solved. Thanks.

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