Wide angles with NEX-7

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Re: Wide angles with NEX-7

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I really dont understand why so many dicredit the NEX-7 sel1018 combo.

I'm with you. I have 16Mpixel and 24Mpixel NEXes, and IMO it's better on the NEX-7 because it's sharp enough to exploit the extra resolution. Magenta casting doesn't seem to be a problem if you a shoot around the lens's optimal aperture, which I almost always do.

Great images you posted there too by the way.

Great shots!

What is considered to be the optimal aperture on this glass?

From my experience testing the lens for a couple of days on my NEX-7, stopping down does not improve significantly on the magenta casting issue.

At focal lenghts of 14mm and longer the the casting becomes less visible, enough so that I would say it's not a problem for practical use. For me that was too much of a compromise, that's why I returned it.

I'm curious to see somebody posting full-res shots of the new SEL 20mm with the UWA-converter which should give a pretty nice 22,5mm equivalent f.l. in a compact package. Might become the best solution for NEX-7 users.

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