Wide angles with NEX-7

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Re: Wide angles with NEX-7

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I really dont understand why so many dicredit the NEX-7 sel1018 combo.

I'm with you. I have 16Mpixel and 24Mpixel NEXes, and IMO it's better on the NEX-7 because it's sharp enough to exploit the extra resolution. Magenta casting doesn't seem to be a problem if you a shoot around the lens's optimal aperture, which I almost always do.

Great images you posted there too by the way.

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Great shots!

What is considered to be the optimal aperture on this glass?

From my experience testing the lens for a couple of days on my NEX-7, stopping down does not improve significantly on the magenta casting issue.

At focal lenghts of 14mm and longer the the casting becomes less visible, enough so that I would say it's not a problem for practical use. For me that was too much of a compromise, that's why I returned it.

I'm curious to see somebody posting full-res shots of the new SEL 20mm with the UWA-converter which should give a pretty nice 22,5mm equivalent f.l. in a compact package. Might become the best solution for NEX-7 users.

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