Powershot S100 lens error solved

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Powershot S100 lens error solved

Today I joined the lens error group, but managed to solve the problem by myself!
My camera comes from two ebay purchases, one for a camera with a defective lens (probably bumped) that I dismantled and tried to repair, but the damaged part was unrepairable. Then I bought a lens unit, given as not affected by the lens problem.
So I assembled the lens unit in my camera and everything worked well for weeks... until today: the camera wasn't dropped or bumped and was always in a cushioned carry bag.
I didn't want to give up so I dismantled the camera again, checking at every step if the lens was able to come to life again, until it did!
I noticed a small connector in the front part of the naked camera that was not sitting well in its receptacle so I reseated it properly, add a small piece of tape to avoid further dislodging and reassembled everything.

This is the connector that could be causing the lens error: the little play the lens assembly has can induce a slight traction and lead to a disalignment of the little plug and then a false contact.
In my case unplugging, plugging back again and securing with a little piece of tape, solved the lens error!

The camera now works flawlessy and I'm an happy camper again!

Hope this helps...;-)

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