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Re: real d800 vs em5

Mjankor wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

Really this strike me as a case of someone desperately trying to poorve a point using little or no sharpening on the D800 shot and massive amounts of sharpening on the EM-5 shot.

The result is masses of artifacts on the latter (including a horrible looking sky that really didnt need to be sharpened) and still ultimately a real lack of detail compaired to the D800.

I'm sure the EM-5 used properly provides enough resolution for most people but if I was looking to print these at say 30 by 20 inches believe me the difference would be clear.

At 30 by 20 your at about 150dpi.

You'll need to print bigger than that.

You don't think the difference between around 150 DPI and 250 DPI on a D800 would be noticble? depends on your standards I spose.

This is obviously just one test with the methodology somewhat questionable but to me it shows not just a resolution advanatge with the D800 but a general IQ advanatge, the sky for example is much cleaner, the colours/contrast much smoother and indeed the weaknesses of the lens exposed less at the boarders.

To be clear I'm not saying that the EM-5 couldnt produce a good quality 30 by 20 inch print but I do think the differences between it and a D800 would be clearly noticble when viewed reasonabley closely.

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