Help!!! lx7 fell and chasis bent!

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Re: Help!!! lx7 fell and chasis bent!

Yehuda_ wrote:

I haven't torn mine apart but I have torn down many cameras. My first option choice would be to try to bend it back without removing anything. I see 9 screws (four on the bottom, four on the same side as the HDMI port, and one on the opposite side). It may be possible to take out the screws and remove the front plate. The battery door will likely need to be unlatched and it will also likely fall out once the front plate is removed. There may be hidden screws that you can't see. Under the hot shoe spring is a common place to find hidden screws. Go slow and be careful.


Thanks Trent!

I also thought of that.

Would you hold the sides of the camera with 4 fingers on each side (the bent front plate facing the palms of both hands) and slowly but firmly push the plate inside with both thumbs?

I would probably start pushing with my thumbs. It looks like the metal was pulled from the corner so I would try to push it in and back toward the corner.  If that gets it close, a pencil with the eraser on the dent may help for the last little bit.  Good luck.

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