Upgrading T2i (550)

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Re: Upgrading T2i (550)

KatManDEW wrote:

This thread is a testament to how lame Canon's product development has been since the T2i... Seems the general concensus is to keep your T2i because the next three generation Rebels don't offer anything significant (like better image quality).

it is a testament that CMOS reached a wall.  Yeah, the sony sensor is a bit better in dynamic range at low iso, but the canon sensor is good enough.

In order to take a quantum leap, new technology would have to be discovered - not likely

I had a T2i, and upgraded to a 7D and 60D backup. I will say that the 60D tilt screen was very handy (irreplacable in some situations), and I really miss it on my 5D3. But the image quality from the 7D and 60D is no better than the T2i, because they have the same sensor as the T2i, and the T3i, and T4i, and T5i (yawn).

feature set is only reason to update

longer run glass investments should be more important

If you want to stick with a Rebel, and what you really want is better image quality, you're going to have to wait for the next generation Rebel in spring 2014. Hopefully the next itterations of the 60D and 7D later this year will finally have a new sensor, and that should roll over into next year's Rebel.

don't count on it.

focus on the photographer, the light, the lenses, the processing, then the body

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