Springtime In Shropshire.

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Re: Springtime In Shropshire.

Hi bluemoonman,

I understand exactly what you're going through, because I was in the same dilemma. After having used the SX50 for 3 months now (and also having the G15 as a DSLR substitute), I decided to sell my 60D with all the 4 lenses and the big Lowepro bag! I already sold my 70-300 L lens (and almost got what I paid for it myself a year ago!), and now I'm trying to sell the rest.

For me, the main reason to do it, was the weight and the non-flexibility regarding the lens. You know, even with a DSLR you can miss shots, especially when the wrong lens is mounted. I know about the weaknesses of the SX50, but I also know about its strenghts.

I'll go for a hiking holiday in Greece next month, and I just could not imagine carrying almost 2 kg (60D with 70-300L) of gear around my neck for 6 or 7 hours per day, when it can be done with less than a third of that weight.

Don't get me wrong: I LOVED the 60D and think it's a great camera, but it just was not the right thing for ME. But who knows, maybe I'll regret my decision soon ... but that's the same with EVERY decision you make: you only know AFTERWARDS whether it was the right one or not ... that's just the nature of decisions ...

Cheers from Switzerland (where we don't have snow anymore where I live, but it's still cold with chilly winds blowing),


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