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Of course people have posted better with the canons and pannys. They've been out long enough for people to get used to them, and enough people to own them to provide many different types of shots to really show off their strengths as well as weaknesses. ALL cameras are good at one thing or another. I'm sure once the HS50 goes more mainstream it will shine more. It's been out a couple of weeks, and in very limited quantities, so i will take a while for people to catch up with it.

I should say i'm not in favour of any camera over an other. I do like the HS series, but also have samsung, pentax and canon cameras, as well as my wife who bought a 'GE' canera, cos it 'looked like a 'cute' mini version of mine and was white'. She doesn't care how many pixels or what zoom. To be honest she got some great shots with it from Evanescences last show of the tour, considering it's a £100 'bridge' cam.

So all cameras, even the cheap ones have good points. It just seems silly to keep banging on about how bad a camera is before it's been given a chance. I'm just thinking a HS50 request thread should be started? You guys who want to see more can post a specific request, for shot type, zoom, settings etc, and then any of us with a HS50, can try and take on some of the requests. At the minute it's been pouring down and black skies here for two weeks except for one day where it sunned for two whole hours! LOL. So i've not been doing as much as i'd like with the new cam. But perhaps if we know what specifics people want testing, we can at least try? All one thread would be a good way to keep them where others can find it? Just an idea?

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