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birdbrain wrote:

You don't have to keep updating your camera, in the days of film you could have the same body for many years and still be happy.

Yes indeed, my F-1 served me well for 18 years and my EOS-1 for 11 years. The pace of change of any particular digital device tends to slow down after a certain point – my desktop PC (which drives four printers, two scanners, advanced audio hardware, and a 2560×1440 display) is still pretty close to top end after two years, and will not need any upgrading for a while yet – and I think this is happening with DSLRs now, the fast-movingnovelty being in new types of camera like the mirrorless models where development is still rapid.

As for the 7D, my wife has had one as her main camera since shortly after the 7D came out, and I bought one a few month later as my 1.6-factor body. We both find that it is an excellent camera and have never had any problems. Improvements? Well, one can always think of things that could be improved if the technology is available, better noise performance at medium- to high-ISO being an obvious example, although the 7D is much beter than its predecessor the 50D. Faster AF in Live View would be nice too. And if it is technically possible to do it successfully on a 1.6-factor body with the smaller circle-of-confusion criterion needed, then centre-point AF at f/8. And there is in my view considerable scope for Canon to improve the ergonomics of the minor controls on many bodies, not just the 7D.

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