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Simon Garrett wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Relating to my OP, have you tried burning a USC? Is it still a pain that produces numerous grayed out files that you have to delete or they end up on the disc like in W7?

Yes, but not extensively. I tried to burn a diisk on the W8 machine, failed but didn't really investigate why it failed, and did it on W7, which worked fine.

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I use both a Windws and Mac machine, bu my goodness Windows make a mel out f this procedure. We burn about ten discs a wever for liners and they are very printable, it's two steps on the Mac, it's about ten n the OC plus  a pain of deleting ghost files, from each and every folder if there are more than ne on the disc. I usezero have Nero which was just a drag/drop/burn but seem t have lost it in my new PC and ut s expensive. But why can't Microsoft sort thisuseful procedure out?

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