Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

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Re: Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

snowboardpunk wrote:

Hey guys I plan on buying the fuji X-E1, moving from a canon t2i with a 35 f/2.

I thought I loved the 50mm FOV but I feel like I want to go wider. I initially wanted the 23 1.4 but thats not out yet. So for now, which do you think is a better option? the kit lens or the 35 1.4 or 18 f/2. I can only afford one and with the 300 dollars off right now when you buy the body makes any of these options viable.

People are saying the kit lens is amazing but is it better than the 35? The 1.4 is just calling my name I usually do street photography and portraits of the whole body, like of outfits.

With 45 ° angle of view,  the 35 mm (50 in  full format) provides the same view of the human eye (no peripheral vision but the one perfectly focused). Therefore, it is veeeeery "natural." The 35 it is actually good for "all" or for "nothing" ... This  lack of specialization makes it unique. You can do portraits (half-length) ), landscapes, close-ups, architectural details, a little 'street. Often the 35 (50) is "forgotten" but in reality it is a  versatile optic and also, in the case fuji, very correct and very bright. The 18 (27) is fabulous but is markedly specialized. It's not good for portraits (only for groups) because it introduces too much distortion for a face, also for the architecture introduces distortions barely inclined. For the street is better than 35 (50) but not good as the 23 (35). For the street the perfect optical I believe this is. So in the end, or you buy the 18-55 zoom and forget the opening of F1.4 and at the formidable quality of the 35 (50) or you wait for the 23 (35) or you... use the 35 (obvious this in my opinion) Cheers!

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