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I concur!

You really can't beat the D700 - I love mine.  I recently borrowed the D600/800, thinking I wanted to update.  Was glad to hand them both back at the end of the allotted time.  For the type of photography that I do, and so much time on the road each year, 12MP is just perfect for me.   I really don't need more space cluttering up my laptop and portable hard drives.  I even had a flirt recently with the D3X - marvelous camera, awesome images, built like a tank etc etc.  However, as much as I have tried to justify to myself that I want to take that camera on the next trip and leave the D700 behind, I can't do it.  I will have slower fps, less ability in low light, heavier camera and especially - this is the killer for me - no built-in flash.  As much as it hurts and I may regret it, have posted the D3X on 'fleabay' (looks as if it is sold already), and the D700 will stay.

To me, Nikon completely missed the mark this time, so I am going to skip this generation of new cameras, and hopefully pick something up next time around - maybe in a year or two.  The D600 is too plastic and does not instill any confidence that it could stand the rigorous of being bashed around Asia for six months at a time.   It also seems to have problems with dust and crap, and I don't need 24MP.  The files on the D800 are much too large, plus it has focus issues and other things.  The D4 is useless for me because it has no flash (like my D3X), and is too big and heavy.

If only Nikon had put the D4 sensor (16 is plenty enough for me), into the D700 body, it would have been a huge success.  Just because there are newer cameras around now, which may or may not be better, certainly does not make the D700's photos any less appealing or useable.  I am happy to wait another year or two, but I really hope Nikon get it right next time.   If not, I may be jumping ship.



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