Can someone help?New to fuji x100. Is this flare?

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Re: Can someone help?New to fuji x100. Is this flare?

I am having the same exact problem as the OP in that forum, he just described the problem a lot better than I did. His thread was from 2011 though. Was this a widespread problem that was recorded since the time of that thread? Or is this user error on my part?

Here the problem is again indoors. The first was taken with the x100, the second was taken with my OMD.

I'm really sorry for the label. It was my girlfriend who placed that label on my cologne. I know it isn't rated "G/PG" so please feel free to remove the picture if it is inappropriate Mr/Ms. Admin. I really didn't want to use those pics and should have chosen a different subject for my tests, but I was originally only going to use them for myself. But they portray the problem very well.

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