Your experience regarding 60mm AF Micro Nikkor f2.8

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Re: Your experience regarding 60mm AF Micro Nikkor f2.8

John M Roberts wrote:

I just purchased a used, in great shape titled above lens along with Nikon PK-13 27.5. So far all seems to function. This lens needs to be deliberately switched between manual and auto focus. There is no MF when in AF. Also when switching from AF to MF it take some dead space turning before the MF will engage, not much though but very noticeable and I was wondering if this is normal.

Are there any characteristics I should be aware of and check with this lens and how does it compare to its latest offering? Is this one generation behind the latest? This is my only lens that has the f ring so that I can use the PK-13. I have the Sigma 150 Macro but was wanting a lighter, smaller macro when I am space and weight concerned. I'd prefer the 105 FL but the difference in size wasn't enough for me to make that move.

Your input would be appreciated. I have a month to return it.

I have the older 55mm f/2.8 AIS manual focus lens. It's a  lovely lens for copying detailed art work and close-up photography. It makes a very sharp normal lens too ~ when you don't need a wide aperture. As someone else has said, for real macro photography you may find you want something longer than 55-60mm, especially if you are using FX, but then you have your 150.

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