Panasonic GH3, RAW, and 1:1?

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Re: Panasonic GH3, RAW, and 1:1?

rrr_hhh wrote:

Sgt_Strider wrote:

If I were to shoot 1:1 and in RAW, will the RAW file end up being cropped to 1:1 and saved or only a 4:3 image will be saved?

I think that Panasonic only save a 1:1 picture, aka the cropped picture, while in Olympus bodies the whole picture captured by the sensor is saved. This way of doing things may be due to the fact that the first GHs generations had a true multi format sensor and a 3:2 or. 16:9 format had a longer length than a 4:3 format.

For Olympus cameras, not all software deal with it in the same way :

Olympus proprietary software (Viewer) presents the whole picture with the pre selected crop markings corresponding to what you have chosen in camera. So you can retrieve the whole picture is you want. C1 Pro does the same. But in LR and ACR, you can only get the crop selected in camera. Free softwares based on DCRaw will whole retrieve the whole picture captured by the sensor.

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So you've tested and can confirm that if I were to shoot RAW and at 1:1, that's what I'll get when I open the file in LR4?

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