D7100 vs. Pentax K5II-s tests....

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Re: D7100 vs. Pentax K5II-s tests....

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The K5II results look very good. It seems to preserve a tiny bit more detail than the D7100. However, 2 things have prevented me from even considering a Pentax. Lens selection and most importantly, ergonomics. Feature wise, Pentax has been very competitive.

Ergonomics??? From what K5II owners say is completely the opposite, including previous Nikon owners, they love the ergonomics. From what i understand they say is one of the best build cameras, kind of like the NAD of home audio receivers compared to everyone else like yamaha, denon and everyone else.

I myself am looking into the K5IIs as my next camera. I really don't know too much about it and i have only seen a couple of photos from that camera and they seem beautiful and sharp. One thing i have become to realize is that this "sharpness/detail" stuff going around is only happening with Nikon with this new D7100 camera simply because the AA has been removed, but really is nothing completely new to any other camera manufacturer that have been already been doing this for sometime, so to them is no big deal and they are all probably laughing at all this stuff going on here. Yes, this is new in this nikon camera, and the price is excellent, but is not really "new" technology compared to other cameras, and other camera brand owners have already been enjoying this kind of sharpness and detail already for some time. But then again i don't know anything

I have also heard that, that they don't have a big selection, but i am sure that pentax has at least three or four top notch lenses for that body. Personally i don't think i need more than four high quality lenses for what i do. I did check in amazon and Samyang/Rokinon does make pentax mount lenses, which is very nice.

Interesting. Please report back once you get the K5II. I did not like previous bodies from Pentax (just the ergonomics, not the build quality or features). As for lens selection, the one lens I can't give up is the Nikon 70-200mm 2.8. I waited years to get it, and now that I own it and have had a chance to use it, I can see why everyone loves it. Tamron's 70-200mm VC would be the closest (and a lens I considered), but so far they haven't announced a Pentax version. I don't doubt the K5II is built like a tank. If anything, Pentax known for their rugged build quality and competitive feature set.

I understand what you are saying. I don't have a $2K lens, but i do have six currently and obviously i would have to sell all of them and get pentax compatible lenses. The pentax images look fantastic from that link posted above. I am open minded and i like to explore different things, my wife tells me that i get bored fast then i go buy something "different" all the time. But when i do find something really good i do keep it

To me the images from the D7100 look identical, color and everything compared to the D7000, exept that they are just a BIT sharper than the D7000 at low ISO. That's just what my eyes are seeing, i am not making things up. Honestly, overall i think i was around 70% satisfied with my D7000, good camera. But i would like to experience a 90% satisfaction and something "different" if i am going to throw in that money again. Don't blame me, that's just what my HEART is telling me, you know what i mean?

Totally with you.  I'm get the gadget itch frequently.  Only 6 lenses?  That's more than me.  I waited 6 years to get the 70-200mm.  So long that a new version came out.  Lol.  But it was worth the wait.

I'm going from a D80 to a D7100.  So imagine the difference in quality.  All the new cameras out have very very similar picture quality.  Heck, a D3200 or D5200 look very similar to a D7100 in terms of picture quality.  You pay more for the more convenient button layout, better build quality, better AF, dual card slots (which the K5II doesn't have), better ergonomics when using larger lenses, etc.  I wish the D7100 had the ISO, WB, Qual buttons on top like the D800 and the power aperture control.

I looked at the cost of the Pentax lenses.  Price is very similar to Nikon equivalents.  I read on the Pentax forums that their lenses are more affordable, but that doesn't appear to the case when I check current prices.  The one big disadvantage even if lens selection was equal is Pentax only has lenses for crop sensors and no path for full frame.  I plan on getting full frame next.  I'll wait until the successor of the D600 comes out and then make the jump.

Enjoy your D7000.  I'm sure I'm going to enjoy my D7100 for many years.  Shoot it til the shutter falls off.  Then look at getting the latest and greatest.  Cheers.

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