Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

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My settings, plus an interesting discovery

Here are representative settings from this investigation. I am very open to anyone pointing out any setup errors that I may have made. First, the initial page I see after clicking File/Print, but in this case I did NOT check the "Match Print Colors" box. This is a faithful rendition of the source image. Note the smooth gradients. And please take note of the solid color swatches, especially the blue, purple, magenta, and red patches at the upper left of the palette which are all distinct from one another. This will be important later.

Original colors of the image ("Match Print Colors" box is not checked)

Now let's preview the gamut of the print output. Notice the mottled gradients which look like they have a case of cellulite. Notice also that the blue and purple swatches have nearly converged into one hue, and the magenta and red are too close to each other as well:

"Match Print Colors" box is now checked

Now let's check which colors are out of gamut. Go back and forth between the image below and the one above. It seems like the biggest gradient defects occur at the border of the in-gamut space and the out-of-gamut space:

"Gamut Warning" box is checked

Here are the rest of the settings to show what I did for one representative image in my test:

Red River advised me to use 1440x1440dpi and to uncheck "High Speed".

Again, I am open to any and all comments about possible setup errors. In my next posting I will show scans of two of my test prints.

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