New 5D Mkiii autofocussing issue.

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I appreciate your earlier response to my 5D MkIII Autofocusing issue. Having been busy, I have just revisited the MkIII. Having used a 7D for the past two years, I expected that the MkIII would automatically autofocus on a half shutter press. It will only autofocus in Full Auto and the three custom modes (not programmed as yet), as well as AF-ON. You mentioned that the solution was on page 100. I apologise for bothering you, but could explain your thoughts in more detail. I can't get my head around it. I have tried autofocussing with my 70-200; 24-70 and my 100 macro, all with the same result. The camera is still under warranty and I will have to take advantage of that, if the problem is not my inexperience. I look forward to your response. John.

You can remove AF from the shutter button as part of the Custom Controls setup. (I shoot this way).

You could try doing a factory reset - that should remove any customisations you have accidentally set.

Or, go into the Custom Control and check to see if you have AF assigned to the shutter button.

Thank you so much (Bloody grey hair!). The answer was in the Custom Settings, I now have the option of half press or AF-ON.,,,,,,,,,hope the wife doesn't find out about this....LOL!

LOL! No problems.

Some things are definitely best left secret! Hehe.

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