How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

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Re: How to explore Leica glass on a Nex 7

larousse87 wrote:

Jeff, I'm thinking about all you said, really. It's true I'm drawn to the 50, despite lots of warnings to the contrary, but, right, Leica holds value if I end up learning the hard way!

Do you have an opinion of the Ming Thein images I posted?

I looked at them again and they look great - but there are two things that you need to keep in mind. First, he didn't need an F1.4 lens to take them, the Summicron is F2 max aperture. Second, he took them on a M-9 FF camera, so to get the equivalent field of view on the Nex 7, you need about a 32 mm equivalent.

I really find 30-35 mm lens to be a more useful focal length on an APS-C sized sensor than a 50 mm which is a 75 mm FF equivalent. I have 35's and 50's that I use on my Nex 7 and the 35's get a lot more use than the 50's. You might ask yourself why there are so few 75 mm lenses for FF cameras. I think there's a gap between 50 and 85 on FF that people don't seem to need or want.

You asked for advice and here's what I think you should do. Wait a month or so for the new Zeiss 32/1.8 lens which has the advantage of being AF on the NEX. See if it gets good reviews. I'm betting it will be an amazing lens on the NEX and it's a perfect "normal" focal length. I think the Nex 7 or 7n plus that new Zeiss lens will be a killer combo and if you can't take pictures with it that are as good as Ming's, it won't be because of the equipment.

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