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Re: HS50 settings

With all due respect Joms, all of those are dreadful and full of chromatic abberation as well.

No crispness in the detail and yes its easy to tell which is which, just looking at the image size tells us a lot. The 8mp images all look like you have up sized them to match the larger image. Pixelization is horrendous  If you haven't altered these images then I seriously think you should have sent your HS30 back and get a replacement because these are beyond dreadful.

How about doing the same with your HS50 and see if the results are better. One thing I would strongly advise too is to whenever possible don't use multi-metering, its almost always wrong. Iv'e done a lot of work with several Fuji cameras and in 95% of all the test I did Multi-metering failed to produce an acceptable image.

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