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Simon Garrett wrote:

Well, I've spent a lot more than 3 seconds, and I still condemn it! It's OK, but it's not an improvement on W7.

I have W8 on one machine (and ran the previews extensively before that). It offers very little not in W7. Performance is marginally better. The desktop is crippled unless you load Start8, Classic Shell or similar to restore the start menu and hide the Metro UI. However, having got back a start menu and hidden the Metro interface (aka TIFKAM - The Interface Formerly Known As Metro), then Windows 8 is pretty much like W7 with a few features missing and little of value added. Usable, just irritating that Microsoft have taken such a foolish false step in the belief that they can force a one-size-fits-all interface on all devices.

In W8, you lose Aero, which I happened to like, also you lose desktop gadgets (no, Metro apps are no substitute). Some other features have gone. Instead you get the wholly useless Metro/TIFKAM, which is a bad match for a keyboard/mouse interface, and makes poor use of a large screen (i.e. anything larger than a smart phone or tablet). They've also (in Metro) gone over to big, blocky, square icons in primary colours, sort of aping the look and feel of a 1980's low-res 16-colour display. Hey, Microsoft: they did it that way in the 80's because they hadn't the hardware to do it better, not because it looked cool.

They're also in their latest apps (so far in Office 2013 and in the latest Visual Studio) going over to ALL BLOCK CAPS IN MENUS, MESSAGES ETC. Huh? Now we're back to 1970's all-caps teletype machines. Microsoft used to have a large highly-respected usability research team. Have they fired them all, or just stopped listening to them?

Interestingly, Stardock, the company that makes the Start8 start menu restorer, has in beta some software to run Metro/TIFKAM apps in a normal desktop window ( What a pity Microsoft didn't have the wit to do it that way. That could have been a really powerful way of bridging PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone, and running tablet/smartphone apps on a PC/laptop.

Yes, W8 is perfectly useable. No, it's no better than W7; on balance it's a bit worse, unless you're in the small minority that thinks Metro is cool.

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+1.  My thoughts exactly to the letter.


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