My NEX 6 + 10-18mm Shot Published

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Re: My NEX 6 + 10-18mm Shot Published

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Congratulations! Stunning shot! Again a perfect example that it is not the camera or super expensive lens that makes a shot, it is the photographer. Well done sir.

Good point in general but most consider the 10-18 an expensive lens and some consider it super expensive .

I've been looking at super wide-angle options for my Nex-6 lately and having a Metabones Speedbooster opens door to lenses that makes one come up with a bunch of new superlatives if 1018 is super-expensive Canon TS-E 17, Canon 14/2.8, Nikkor 14-24 and dare I say Zeiss 15/2.8 make 1018 look like nicely priced option (you get 2- 4 1018's for price of one of those lenses) considering the quality we see in pictures like the one in opening post or some of the shots from Richard No. I personally applaud Lee W for using Nex system as often high end pro gear is used just to gain certain credibility; That is what I meant with "it's not the gear, it is the photographer that takes a beautiful picture"

You quoted lenses in different categories.  You were mentioned FF f2.8 wide angel lenses or TS lens.  10-18 is f4 crop sensor lenses.  For whatever it is, it is priced at the high end, and performs accordingly.  But it can't shoot f2.8, that's why it is cheaper.  For landscape, it's not an issue.

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