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Re: Have to agree.

NOEL 100 wrote:

I like others have C set up with the "recommended HS settings" and generally get good results. But I also use the auto modes on occasions when I feel the "preferred settings" are a bit restrictive. Auto modes can do a pretty good job when you haven't got the time to play around and I wouldn't discount them totally.

After a lot of playing around I've come to the conclusion that shooting RAW has little gain for me. JPEGs out of the 30 are really good enough for most of my needs and the added extra of PP RAW in one of the packages doesn't really return the value for effort factor. I'll also say that I've tweaked the odd JPEG when needed with good results but it's not an every day event.

Ralph you must just about have your finger on the buy button by now?

Must comment that I prefer Sharpness at hard it suits my personal taste, medium, just a bit soft for me especially at some of the longer shots.

The good thing about Fuji cam is that it will remember your settings on PASMC so just dial in here and there for different types of scenes. I am not sure why peeps are having hard time using EXR camera. I use M size for scenes that don't require high reso and cropping. I have my C and S for my birding so nothing is really hard and complicated here.

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