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Re: What Should Be Our Next Step?

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While leaving the specifics of what is and is not a legacy camera for the moment, and assuming that there is enough support to justify dpreview creating a new forum for Legacy Cameras, how should we go about contacting the powers that be here and ask them to set up a new forum?

Try sending a PM directly to Simon Joinson

Something like

Dear Simon,

A number of us old timers own vintage cameras like the Fuji F10 and F11. We realise that this era was well before you were born but the musty smell of aging leather and mould is about all we can smell anymore.

It turns out that some of our old cameras have not yet shorted out or had their batteries catch fire and the images that one can take with them are atmospheric and reflect a bygone era, a more innocent time when Facebook had not yet reached 1 billion users, Starbucks paid their taxes and George Bush was the emperor of the world.

How we miss those good old days of 5mp, 10 stop DR and 512mb of memory storage.

Now as a young whippersnapper you may not realise that old people are being discriminated against these days in all sorts of ways such as touch screens that don't work properly if your hands are a bit shaky and retina displays in iPhones that require the use of a microscope in order to read the text being displayed.

How you can ease our burden is by making available a forum for us so that we can once again display our images from the golden age of digital reproduction, before all these girly iPhone cameras took over the world. I just want to walk around town again with a D1 hanging around my neck and a 80-400 zoom sticking out in 12 inches in front of my beer belly, yeah really that will scare the kids heh heh heh.

I had to stop using the D1 and the 80-400 when you were a toddler because it slipped a disk in my neck and I ended up in traction for 3 months but its coming back to me now, yes its all coming back to me now.

Yours sincerely,

Old Geezer

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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Doctors are bad for your lifestyle.

You put the proposal into words better than I could. Can you go ahead and send it to Simon? What the heck, nothing ventured, nothing gained and the worse that can happen is that he'll say no.

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