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Karl Summers wrote:

I installed 8 on a brand new machine, still got 7 on two laptops with no plans to upgrade. I stopped burning discs a long time ago once I got Mp3 player and carry everything else on a thumb drive.

As far as 8 is concerned, I find the start screen a complete waste of time. I'm trying to figure out a way to bypass it altogether and go straight to desktop. Please let me know if you figure out how. Also, I have not had any compatibility problems with the software I used on Windows 7.

To add to Jim C's reply, if you want Win8 to behave like Win7, just install the free "Classic Shell" and then use the Classic Shell's option to "disable active corners".  Disabling active corners will prevent the annoying Win8 pop ups from affecting the desktop.  Classic Shell boots directly to the desktop and you never have to see the Metro interface at all.

That's how I configured my Win8 laptop and a Win8 tower for a friend.  Win8 then works like Win7.  Every program I had that worked on my Win7 tower works fine on my Win8 laptop.  That includes old software like MS Office 2000.  When I ran Win8's compatibility assistant on my laptop, it said that two software were not compatible.  But both work perfectly on Win8.  I'm convinced that any software that works in Win7 will work the same way in Win8.


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