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Yes, I did that last week.  I had a drive that filled up so I decided to put a bigger disk in and upgrade to Windows 8.  I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro so that I can work on my images while I was on the road.  I have View NX2 and Photoshop CS6 installed to help me with my endeavors. I have sold my iPad and rely on the iPad Mini and the Surface Pro for my trips.  In fact, I'm considering leaving the iPad Mini at home because I didn't use it on my last trip.  The Surface works well with Office 365 (which you don't really need because the Surface Pro comes with excellent mail, calendar, and contacts apps.  I use a Kanex DualRole because I prefer wired eNet over Wi-Fi and it gives me three USB 3.0 ports instead of one port.  I take along a mini-display port to HDMI cable so that I can use the flat screen TV in the hotel room as a second monitor.  The wedge mouse and included digital pen works great when any retouching has to be done.

I started out by using Windows easy transfer to get my data and configuration files over to the external drive.  I use WHS 2011 so I backed up all of my images and downloads to WHS.

I then removed the disk and put in an Enterprise class 1TB drive into my desktop and installed windows 7.  I restored the files from Easy Transfer and reinstalled the applications and drivers.  I made sure that the Windows 7 was working properly and then I performed an upgrade installation of Windows 8.  The upgrade went smoothly and I've been very happy with the installation since.  I used 64bit drivers for my Konica-Minolta laser printer.  I had no issues with drivers.

I had to get used to no start button but after a few hours working with Windows 8, I didn't miss the start button at all.  My desktop has two 24" monitors that work well with Windows 8 including the ability to span multiple monitors.  The boot is very fast.

All in all, I'd say Windows 8 is a great OS.  It takes a bit of getting used to but once over the hump, it's a joy to use.

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