Canon 100D/SL1 the mirrorless killer?

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As every single tech pundit has taught us with all their iPod killers and iPhone killers and iPad killers over the past decade, all "killer" means is "shoddy imitation that will have no net impact on success of the thing it's supposed to be killing".

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On the other hand, one could look at the killer effects of Apple products. The iPod made the Walkman a marginal product; the iPhone very quickly supplanted BlackBerrys and also has Nokia on the ropes; and the iPad and MacBook Air have done major damage to Windows laptops.

If we've learned anything over the past 10-15 years, it is that no company or technology is secure. MFT is an exciting development that hopefully will continue to grow. However, its future is far from secure, especially when you consider than neither Olympus or Panasonic have figured out how to make their imaging divisions profitable.

Some of you read so much into that one word "kill".

I agree that in some cases, a really signficant product, because of its breakthrough features, usefulness, value or whatever, make another obsolete. In this case however, the shrinking of a APS-C camera while impressive in terms of the body size for a DSLR is in no way killing M43 top models.

I think it is obvious that the 100D isn't a "killer" camera. However, imo it will take sales away from some P&S upgraders and possibly some Canon enthusiasts who want a lightweight second camera.

The OM-D has clearly generated significant profits for Olympus. However, most of Oly's other sales appear to come from highly discounted models and they have yet to abandon their money losing P&S cameras. Until their imaging division has a profitable quarter I think there is reason to be concerned about the future of Olympus cameras.

P&S upgraders are upgrading mainly to smartphones! The 100D won't excite Canon enthusiasts enough who want a 2nd light weight camera and those that are looking certainly won't be shopping in a bubble and could certainly be drawn to the established varied and effective mirrorles competition...

I don't believe Olympus have given a breakdown of where their mirror less sales have come from eg their lenses, PENs at various selling prices, accessories or O-MD's.

P&S includes tough series which have a good future, some other P&S have traction too but Olympus are fast pulling out of the casual P&S segment (actually much faster than their competitors)...

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