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Re: Motherboard brand/model?

HDProman wrote:

After installation, testing and copying files from the original C drive I will remove the existing 500GB C drive and use the bay for the SSD.

Why not use the 500GB drive for data files?

IOW, I'd use the SSD for the Operating System, Programs, scratch files, databases related to apps, etc.

Then, use the physical drive for data files.

What extras could I need to complete this installation?

Mounting brackets to install drive in standard size drive bay?

If you don't have a bay that would work with a 2.5" drive, you may want to order this 3.5" to 2.5" adapter, as it includes the needed screws and gets good reviews:

Of course, some people don't bother and just leave the SSD hanging loose or secured with Duct Tape.  Personally, I'd mount one in a drive bay instead. 

You may also need a SATA cable if you don't have one already, as the Samsung bare drive doesn't come with one (at least not with the 830 drives I purchased).  For example, this one:

Or, here's a 12" cable that's cheaper:

Samsung does offer some desktop kits that include that kind of thing (3.5" to 2.5" adapter, cables, etc.).    But, I don't see any for the new 840 Pro like that right this minute.

Ditto for a power connection.  If you don't already have a spare SATA power connection from your PSU, you may need to buy an adapter or splitter, depending on your PSU design.

You can find molex to sata converters like this one:

Or, you can find splitters to give you two SATA power connections from one like this one:

You also can find extension cables, etc.

Chances are, your PSU already has a spare SATA power connection.  So, you probably don't need a cable for power.

But, I'd check to see what connections it has available to make sure.

Software to clone my C drive to the SSD.

I haven't used it.  But, Samsung has free software for cloning your existing drive to their SSDs.  They used to bundle Norton Ghost with some of their drives, but they've since developed their own software, known as the Samsung Data Migration Kit.  You can download it from here (first download in the list):

Note that you'll want to make sure the SSD is setup for AHCI in your BIOS settings.  If your existing Windows install is not already setup that way, you may end up with a problem after migrating.   But, that's easy enough to fix using this utility:

You'll also want to run the Microsoft Performance Index again after you have Windows working on the new SSD.  Basically, it's got some undocumented features, where it automatically sets the drive to use trim, disables defrag and more when it detects an SSD is being used.

Or, as an alternative, install Windows and Programs from scratch.  There a pros and cons (some people prefer to install Windows from scratch with an SSD, so that all of that is done automatically when it detects an SSD as the target drive).   But, if you already have a lot of stuff installed and prefer just to migrate everything, then the Samsung Data Migration kit software may be worth a try (as it's specifically designed for that purpose).

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