Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

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Re: Anybody else unhappy with Red River's R3000 profiles?

just Tony wrote:

Petruska wrote:

I use Red River profiles with my R3000 and they print excellent, even with Cone 3rd party inks.

1. What photo editing application do you use?

CS6 64-bit and pretty soon Lightroom 4 as well.

2. What operating system (MAC or Win)?

Windows 7 with very ample resources.

3. What does your nozzle check look like?

Haven't done one yet there isn't any indication of any missing lines or any other striped artifacts that run across the page. The only issue I've observed is the nonlinear gradient patterns, specifically in the cool hue gradient elements of the page. All the square color swatches are uniform so there are many indications that are convincing me of proper hardware performance.

4. Have your performed a print head alignment?

All I've done in terms of setup was to follow the quick start sheet (install the cartridges, then let the printer do it's automated thing).

What symptoms on the printed result would be diagnostic of a misaligned head? I'm nor seeing any geometric mismatches of the image details.

5. Are you using OEM inks?

Yes, these are the Epson inks that shipped with the printer. The printer is a refurb bought direct from Epson and of course I'm hoping that I didn't merely rediscover an unresolved problem that led to the original purchaser returning it.

6. Are you printing with the highest quality mode?

I will have to say no because I followed Red River's instructions. Under "Print Quality" there are four options in the drop-down menu:

Speed (uh, no but thanks for offering, Epson)

Quality (undefined and kind of a milk-toast option really, so no thanks yet again)

High Quality (also undefined but who would rationally refuse? This setting also warped the first pages of Zeppelin paper I ran through, leading to numerous head strikes. In other words, the Lowest Achievable Quality)

and finally, Quality Options, which is where I had to go to implement Red River's instruction to use 1440x1440dpi and switch off High Speed (disabling bidirectional printing I take it).

7. What does the same RR paper print look like if you let the printer manage the colors and use the settings in the printer driver that RR supplies when you are not using RR profiles?

I haven't tried letting the printer manage the colors. In spite of this going against the prevalent color management advice I've encountered so far, it does at least seem like a good thing to try for the sake of investigation.

This is the first I've heard about any printer drivers from Red River. Can you provide a link?

8. And most of all as Joe asked are you turning off color management properly in the printer driver when using ICC profiles?

"Pretty darn sure" I have but that's not always been 100% accurate.

Thanks for your attention, Bob. I'm going to see if I can get some good scans of the problematic results.

The RR settings for the printer driver when using "allow printer to manage colors" in PS are...

Click on Arctic Polar Satin and use those settings.  Choose Photo.  You don't use the RR ICC profiles when doing this or you will get double profiling, the ICC profile list will be unavaialble to you in PS when in this mode.

I would say you have something not set correctly if you can get a good print with the Epson profile and not with the Red River.  I just printed with the RR ICC profile on Arctic Polar Satin and the greaients are excellent.

Also you should definitely run the nozzzle check as a lot of us reading the post will say I wonder if he has some blocked nozzles and it just leaves us hanging not knowing if you do or not.  It's simple to do and doesn't use hardly any ink at all.

Good luck!

Bob P.

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