Intel or AMD

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Re: Intel or AMD

No question, Intel.

AMD is better at the lower end entry level systems, those WITHOUT a dedicated graphics card.  The Trinity APU is very good.  But as soon as you talk a dedicated card it's Intel.  And for 2-D applications the GPU does NOT need to anything special, anything over 100-150 is more than enough, even the AMD APU or Intel HD4000 would actually do. But what you need is at least 4 cores, clock speed and RAM.  16-32gb of RAM.

But the other problem with AMD is the upgrade path.  It's limited.  AND to get the latest CPU on many motherboards you need to be running the latest bios.  And guess what, you need to install an older chip in order to upgrade the bios.  So yes you may need the cheapest lowest $$$ cpu you can find in order to get your latest greatest CPU to work.

So unless you are looking for an office productivity machine, go Intel.

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