Putting the 18-35/3.5-4.5G in context

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Re: Putting the 18-35/3.5-4.5G in context

WildlifeBio wrote:

I agree; we won't know too much until some of the 'comprehensive' review sites start posting their results.

I ask, because I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on the 28/1.8G while the rebate program remains available. I'm skeptical that the 18-35 really outperforms it @ 28mm, but thought I'd ask.

In some respects you're comparing apples and oranges.  At 28mm the 18-35mm is a 4.5 lens; the 28mm is a 1.8, so there's a 1 2/3 stop difference in speed. So, if you enjoy isolating your subject at this focal length, then you need to get the 28mm prime.

In terms of sharpness, it's a whole lot closer.  I have the new zoom and it is extremely sharp in the center at 28mm.  So, I suspect that these two lenses will be fairly close in the center (from 4.5), the 28mm will be sharper on the FX edges and the zoom will be sharper on DX edges.  I hazard this guess because the 28mm prime has curvature issues that cause softness on DX edges, but it recovers nicely for FX edges. However, the 18-35mm zoom does very well on the edges, so I suspect that the differences will not be major.

We shall soon see are accurate my hypothesis is.

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