APC vs FF lenses

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Re: APC vs FF lenses

thumperGA wrote:

Ok so I have an a77 and love it . I'm currently using some mid-grade lenses. My plan is to buy a FF a9x in about 2 years. Between now and then I want to upgrade my glass. Id like to be able to use it on both the A77 and what ever full frame i end up buying. Is there any guide that tells you what lenses are compatible w a77/and what ever the current FF would be ( a99 at the moment)

thanks in advance

With Sony lenses,any lens with "DT" in the model name is designed for APS-C bodies.All other lenses are compatible with full frame.

For older Minolta and 3rd party lenses,check Dyxum.com.They have almost every alpha compatible lens listed there.It's a great resource.


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