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Re: I've been as quiet as Ricoh I guess...

Prognathous wrote:

Hopefully Ricoh is working on something interesting, like a new GXR body or new mount units, because their silence thus far is worrying.

Nice to hear from you again, Prog.

My small GX100-adventure didn't last very long, because of all the jpeg artifacts which at least partly remained even with the sharpening set to -2 which effectively turned it into a raw-only compact for me as i pixelpeep almost 100% of the images I take. I was also at least somewhat  disappointed with the audible AF noise, even with the  the IS turned off and which I would have left Off for most of the time anyway.

More about that in an other thread, though not created by me in the first place.

Ricoh must be working on a new GXR body. At least at some time as long as them intend to continue with the GXR. Have never used or even touched it myself so far but have read about some of the needed improvements.

A screen which can be tilted upwards like the one which Coolpix P7100 and the Older Olympus C-5050z have would be very nice and not add a whole lot of thickness either. That way the GXR could be used at waist-level comfortably. Not quite but in a TLR-similar style.

Ricoh themselves have not done a whole lot noise about what might be to come, that's for sure.

But at least three lens patents which I think makes good sense has been filed by Ricoh.

These first two are for two 28mm equivalent lenses. One for 4/3 and the other for aps-c. Both of them with aperture 2.5 as the fastest.

And also another lens for a 1/1.7" sensor. That zoom would equal 24-100mm f2-3.5.

Almost certainly a successor to the GX200 or to the GXR S10. Hopefully it won't be just only an S20-module but also something like a real GX300.

Ever since Minolta left the field Ricoh has been my favorite brand (in terms of innovation, user interface and ergonomics), and I have to hope they're not following the same fate as Minolta...

With these patents filed I've at least good hope about Ricoh to continue make their own cameras. Now when you mentioned that about Minolta I happened to think about how badly Kyocera shut down the Contax camera business.

If Kyocera had played it right and provided Contax with more support to get the digital part of the Contax N Digital (the first Dslr with FF sensor) correct then it would probably have had a much better chance of survive longer.

For quite some time I wondered and was curious about what the Contax TVS Digital was like to use. Being one of the last Digital compacts from Contax and probably also the best of these very few.

Like most other good compacts at the time it had a 1/1.8" ccd. Actually the same sometimes ill-fated 5mp ccd which the Olympus C-5050z and a bunch of compacts from other manufacturer also used as well.

I'll probably sooner or later write my own forum-review of this TVSD in very similar way as when I wrote a small user-review of the Minolta Dimage EX and also the Ricoh G700.

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