MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender

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I don't recommend products for financial gain

Archer66 wrote:

skyglider wrote:

I'm wondering if that is how Comodo get users to buy their products. IOW, say they found a serious issue and sell a fix. Hmmmmm.

Hope Jim still gets his commission.

I don't recommend products for financial gain.

We've had this discussion before, where I suspected you had a good reason for promoting products that worked with Windows.

At that time, I disclosed the company I worked for.  This post:

You refused to disclose the company you worked for.  I do feel a bit better since you said you didn't work for Microsoft or any other major software company (of course, "major" can mean different things to different people).

But, I still can't help to suspect you recommend products because you're developing software for Windows and want to make sure others use products that benefit whatever company you work for.

That's only a strong suspicion based on your defense of Windows products, since you choose to remain anonymous, hiding your real name, and not disclosing the company your work for.

That's OK, as lots of internet users hide behind fake user names, and don't want others to know anything about them.

But, you already know that I'm not making posts for financial gain.  So, it appears to me that you're just looking for a way to make "cheap shots" about products that I recommend to others (only because I'm a satisfied user of them,  not because of any profit or ulterior motive)

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