Busting the Lens dictates Focus Speed Myth

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Re: Busting the Lens dictates Focus Speed Myth

Having owned the a number of canon lenses from the 50mm f/1.8 II to the 15-85mm I can say there is a big difference in AF speed on a T2i or T3i. In bright light most focus just fine. The 50mm might take 1 second to focus where a ring USM lens is seemingly instant, probably 100-200mS. But you don't notice is much there because anything under a second is reasonably fast for most shots.

Where you notice the difference is in low light shooting where the camera's AF needs to hunt around a bit to get a focus lock. This is where that slow 50mm f/1.8 is REALLY SLOW as it makes a couple passes back in forth. Yes the ring USM lens is slower than it was in bright light but much faster than the 50mm.

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