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Re: Comodo Internet Security (free version)

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I'd install the free Comodo internet Security Product. This one:

It's got everything the $39 Comodo Internet Security 2013 Complete product has in it, except for the free online Virus Removal Help, the WiFi Trust Connect Product (which gives you a VPN for securing WiFi traffic using public hotspots), the $500 Warranty, and the 10GB of cloud storage space.

IOW, it's got the protection you need for home use at zero cost, without the extra "perks" of their paid product.

Hi Jim,

I uninstalled MSE and installed Comodo via the link you provided. The Comodo installation did a quick scan of my Win7 tower and found zero problems. So I guess MSE was doing OK till now. I'll do a full Comodo scan tonight.

During the Comodo install procedure, I unchecked:

  1. Change my DNS setting to COMODO SecureDNS servers.....
  2. I want to enable "Cloud based behavior analysis" of unrecognized programs by submitting to COMODO....
  3. I want to help COMODO by setting my home page and search engine to yahoo....

After the installation was complete, I opened Comodo and looked for a way to enable item-2. Not finding a way, I clicked on Comodo's Geek Buddy for a live chat. The live chat came on and the tech said that "Anti-Error" has identified a serious issue with my computer. He wanted me to call him via a toll free number and I'm pretty sure his intent was to scan my PC using remote software. I believe his motive was to sell me something. Either an "Anti-Error" related thing or maybe to buy Comodo. I declined. There's nothing wrong with my PC.

I'm wondering if that is how Comodo get users to buy their products. IOW, say they found a serious issue and sell a fix. Hmmmmm.

If I want to enable item-2 above, I think I'll just un-install Comodo and reinstall it.

BTW, installing Comodo put 6 icons on my desktop:

  1. AntiError.
  2. Comodo Dragon.
  3. GeekBuddy.
  4. Internet Security.
  5. Shared Space.
  6. Virtual Comodo Dragon.

Do I need all of them? Can I uninstall some of them? (I found on the Comodo website that GeekBuddy can be uninstalled.)


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