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Ralph McKenzie wrote:

Joms :

You are using an EXR camera in standard mode and while some of the EXR functionality is still available - DR400% for example, you and others still seem to insist on doing this.

The EXR sensor is designed to be used with the EXR processing on-board. I have yet to see anyone produce a photo with the EXR cameras that is better shot in standard modes as opposed to a properly shot EXR mode. Also I have yet to see it proved that shooting RAW with these cameras gives you a significant improvement in image quality compared to the Jpeg.

Raw shot with the F series is definitely better, but I've never seen anyone shoot Raw with an HS camera that has proved to be worth all the extra PP work needed, especially in light of the lack of RAW processing in mainstream software, which Silky definitely isn't.

Forget about the massive zoom, use the lens atlow/mid range zoom and a RAW only & Jpeg only and lets see how they look SOOC and no processing. Shoot one series using the standard ( your current settings) and one using the EXR settings at the same image size and a series in EXR DR mode. Lets see what the camera can really do, because what I'm seeing from everyone here so far and yes I know you are all new to the camera ( but not new to EXR cameras) is very little if any improvement in image quality and if we are to believe Fuji in their claim the IQ is improved then we aren't seeing it to date.

Seriously good points, Ralph.  They have to be dealt with before there can be any kind of reasonable consensus on this camera.  I think there are substantive improvements with the 50, but my eye, at least,  doesn't see them influencing the images shown.

Haven't heard or seen Dave in what seems like eons.  Really miss that guy.  Presuming he's well and prospering (photographically speaking).

It will be interesting to compare Dave Lloyds images once he has a bit more of a handle on the camera.

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