Storage Solution?

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Re: Storage Solution?

six34sigma wrote:

Replace HDD in MBP with 1 TB, put in a second drive in place of CD. - Use the NAS for time machine backups and a USB drive for carbon copy cloner.

I agree with everything except the USB drive for Carbon Copy Cloner. Did you say you have a 2009 MacBook Pro? I don't think it has USB 3. That means it has USB 2. That's slow. I clone over FireWire 800 on my MacBook Pro or eSATA on my Mac Pro, because both finish a total disk clone much faster than USB 2. With the size of today's drives, a full drive clone can take hours...with USB 2, it takes a few more hours.

USB 3 on today's MacBook Pros is a different story, faster than anything that's come before and can be just as fast as Thunderbolt for most uses.

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