Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

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Re: Has anyone tried Breathing Color Metallic?

soloryb wrote:

irvweiner wrote:

I have used RR & BC Metallic papers, both are fine products with small differences as mentioned above. For me, selecting a metallic paper for my B&W prints took serious consideration--prints containing large areas of deep shadow with detail appeared to suffer from visual 'flare' due to the reflecting pearlescent layer. Then, a week or so later, reexamining this print it appeared quite satisfactory. Color prints benefited quite nice from this 'feature'! Do not hesitate to try this metallic media.

Another fine media from BC is their Vibrance Luster, a slightly coarser structure than satin, still maintaining fine detail with vibrant 'pop'--awesome for my B&W prints.

irv weiner

I haven't tried BC Vibrance Metallic yet so I checked on their site and gave them a call. They told me they make their own papers and this stuff is very close to the Kodak metallic. I just ordered a 17" X 20' sample roll. They also have a canned ICC profile you can download. Sounds like a good outfit to do business with.

Whether they actually mill paper, or have it milled to their specifications and then coat it, isn’t clear. ‘Make’ can mean a few things.

They are better known for their canvases, especially Lyve. Until recently much of the papers they offered were too bright and to full of OBAs for many applications. The new Pura range looks interesting, and I just received a trial roll of the Pura Velvet last week. I have only printed test images using two different profiles so far; so I haven’t had time to fully evaluate it yet.

They used to, and may still do, custom profiles for their papers, but I don’t see that advertized on their website anymore. They have been doing some structural changes recently, moving their sales and marketing team to Austin,Texas.

One down side has been the shipping costs, especially to the east coast and Canada. Buying Canson and Hahnemühle paper, Shades of Paper have very reasonable shipping costs, Atlex/itSupplies have free shipping on orders over $100, and B&H have free shipping on about half the papers they stock.

Brian A

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