Best external scratch disk for CS6?

Started Mar 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP AlexNewstead New Member • Posts: 6
Re: Best external scratch disk for CS6?

Hi, thanks for your reply...I only considered an external drive as I have ordered an imac which I can't add extra drives to internally. I could partition the 3tb drive it comes with but I assumed an external ssd drive connected via thunderbolt would be quicker.
The internal drive is the fusion drive, 3tb hhd and 120gb ssd. As I understand files stored on this drive are moved from hhd to ssd the more you access them. I won't store images on this drive because as I fill up the drive files I access more regularly will begin to compromise the ssd's performance as a scratch disk.

So judging by your response my best bet is to get an external drive i partition, leaving as much free for scratch as required.

Many thanks for everyone's responses....


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