Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

Just to review--Prints were pronting dark.  (Darker than same pics printed on HP printer)  Called Canon.  Told me to bring it in to service.  Canon sent me a new printer.

So here I am and the printer is still printing the same, so it has to ba a setting.  I had been focusing on one particular print that had a beautifil blue sky and couldn't get the sky right.  I printed out several other pictures and I've figured out it is NOT a problem with darkness.  It is a problem with the blue.  I am getting more magenta in the blue than I should be so the sky looks darker, grayer, or purpler.  I printed a pic with green orange and yellow tulips and it was beautiful.  Much sharper than the pic printed on the HP.

Then I tried printing other pictures with a lot of blue.  Hydrangeas were purple and gray,  There is some blue, but it is not as bright and clear as it should be.  Next I printed a pic of a fish market where the fish were in bright blue plastic tubs.  Definite purple overtone.

Any idea how to fix this?  Thanks!

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