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Nikon D600: great camera, greater sensor!

I have been using the D600 for about 4 months now (this is my second D600 camera as the first one was stolen 3 weeks after I got it ). Even though I had many DSLRs cameras (first Canons then Nikons - D100, D70, D200, D2H, D7000), this is my first FX camera. All these years, I tried to convince myself that I didn't care about FX and that DX was the rational choice, I know now that something was missing... Most importantly, the choice in lenses. And the DOF control. And the high ISO performance. Alright, lots of things were missing

I like pretty much everything about this camera as it matches very well with my style of photography (mainly portrait, studio and landscape/urban photography). The size and weight is right, not too heavy and not too big (but doesn't feel cheap at all). The resolution is more than enough for the kind of prints I make (up to 13"x19"), with room for cropping.

Controls are logical and well implemented, at least if one is used to Nikon DSLR cameras. Feature wise, the D600 offers pretty much everything I need and more: dual SD card, well implemented auto-ISO, AF fine tuning, interval timer shooting, time-lapse photography, plethora of remote and mirror-up options, commander flash, many buttons that can be programmed, live view, etc.

Viewfinder (100%) is very nice, even for someone like me that needs prescription glasses. However, as usual with AF cameras, accurate manual focusing is pretty impossible (and using the focus help "dot" is not convenient nor very precise).

AF is more than adequate for my kind of photography (mainly static subjects) and reasonably accurate for a PDAF system. I have been kind of spoiled about focus accuracy since using mirror-less cameras (contrast detection AF) during the past few years. Overall, the camera is very responsive, until it fills its limited buffer.

High ISO performance and Dynamic Range are both exceptionally good. I have no concern shooting at ISO 6400 if needed, and shadow recovery is impressive (not so with highlight recovery though). Because of the excellent high ISO performance, I have no issue using "slow" lenses that I would have discarded few years ago, like the more than decent and very versatile kit lens (AF-S 24-85mm G) and the affordable AF-S 75-300mm VR lens. Obviously, using fast glass is always more enjoyable! Speaking of "fast" lenses, I found that the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 G perform wonderfully with the D600. Almost if the combination between the lens, the camera's AA filter and the resolution were design to work together.

Bottom line: the Nikon D600 is close to the perfect camera (for me). I don't need more resolution, AF is perfectly adequate, the image sensor is outstanding, it has more features and possibilities that I will ever use and most importantly, it is very versatile and relatively affordable. Hope I didn't jinxed myself

Disclaimer: I don't do movies and only shoot raw (NEF), so I can't comment on how the D600 performs in video mode or about the quality of the jpeg engine.

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