Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

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Re: Mirrorless Recommendation ( Sony Vs Olympus? )

Jorginho wrote:

kev777zero wrote:

As to the lens size debate, yes overall NEX lenses are larger, but there are a few E mount lenses now that are quite small too. Here's a list:

16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ OSS

16mm f/2.8

20mm f/2.8

35mm f/1.8 OSS

Some of those lenses are pretty bad. And at f2.8 they mean higher ISO compared to 1.4, 1.7 and 1.8 m43 lenses of course. Also, DOF is somewhat worse. Also important that most of these lenses only get reasonable stopped down whereas m43 lenses are very good wide open.

The lens size difference isn't that drastic especially when you look at some of the larger Panasonic lenses. Panny's 14-140mm & NEX's 18-200mm LE only differ in 20grams (both having image stabilization). And check out Oly's new 12-50mm kit lens!

That one is weathersealed and has a macrofunction...

Panny 14-140 is specialized for video, but you can of course get the 14-150 Oly too.

EPM2 w 14-150 comp to NEX3F w 18-200

It is also 785 vs 545 gram. The Sony weighs 240 gram or 40% more. That is a considerable difference.

No the lens weighs 180 gram more (it's the LE).

What makes NEX lenses seemingly humongous are the tiny bodies (ironically these APS-C sensor bodies are smaller than m4/3 ones), which I agree could make the ergonomics awkward at times.

Well..APS-c sensors simply means bigger lenses.

No, if the entrance pupil and FOV is kept the same, lenses don't have to be larger. Only if you keep the F stop constant (thus larger entrance pupil and more lightl), they will be larger.

Which Oly and which NEX? Fanboyism is not an argument. We can simply look at the scores of the specific cams compared here: EPM2 and NEXF3. The sensor of the NEX3F is not better. It is on par throughout the ISO range.

It's about 1/3 of a stop better throughout the ISO range and this was about the follow up, the 3N.

It is also a fact that m43 lenses tend to be much better and indeed very good wide open.

They are helped by the smaller format here.

It is not secret that Sony lenses are still criticized for the lack of IQ. And while Focuspeaking is nice, you can shoot manually very well with the m43 cams aswell and with the Oly those lenses simply are stablized. Not so on the Sony.

Depends on the lenses and adapter used.

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