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Easy with third party apps

Karl Summers wrote:

JulesJ wrote:

Apart from buying it with a new machine, is anyone going to bother to update their W7 machine with the new OS? I am not a fan of W7 and wish I stil had XP. Burning discs on 7 is a pain compared to on a Mac. Anyone tried 8 yet?


I installed 8 on a brand new machine, still got 7 on two laptops with no plans to upgrade. I stopped burning discs a long time ago once I got Mp3 player and carry everything else on a thumb drive.

As far as 8 is concerned, I find the start screen a complete waste of time. I'm trying to figure out a way to bypass it altogether and go straight to desktop. Please let me know if you figure out how.

Many of the third party launchers can be set to bypass the new style start screen entirely and give you a traditional style menu launcher back again with menu choices for shutdown, etc.


Classic Shell for Windows:

Article about it:

In a commercial option, I'd look at RetroUI Pro ($4.95 for home use). It's got some interesting features, including the ability to run new style apps in a Window on your desktop:

It seems to get very nice reviews when looking at articles comparing the available launchers for Windows 8.

You'll see some of the other popular options here. Just go backwards to see launchers like ViStart, Start8, etc.

If I were going to spend $5 on a commercial product (versus just using the free Classic Shell I mentioned above), I think I'd probably go with RetroUI Pro (to get some of the features it has like running new style apps in a Window on your desktop if desired, giving you a task bar when you are in the metro screens and more).

From what I can see looking at reviews and videos about it, RetroUI Pro seems to be the most advanced out of products like it.

The only one I've personally tried is ViStart (I used it when test driving the Windows 8 Consumer Preview).  But, some of the others that have been launched since the older version of ViStart I was using appear to be much better products, and if I installed Windows 8 on a PC (which is *very* unlikely unless I happened to buy a new PC with Win 8 already installed), I'd just spend $4.95 for RetroUI Pro

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